Posted February 19, 2013 by lesko in Sports

Visit Our Other World- Go Diving!


Whether you are an experienced diver – or have never explored the amazing world under the sea- South Florida is the perfect place to enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling.  You can go off the beach or join a dive boat to discover the colorful life in the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

If you visiting for just a few days, or fortunate enough to live here, there is always time to take the plunge!  Most dive shops can rent you gear, and classes are available for those that want to certify.  This is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family!

There are many reputable charter dive boats in the area, and most shops can take care of reservations and recommend the right one for you. The most popular shop, Lauderdale Diver, is located on the 17th Street Causeway at the entrance of the port, and convenient for resort hotel guests and locals!  There you can find all the gear, as well as beachwear and accessories. 

LD_300px125px_web_bannerLauderdale Diver