Posted April 3, 2013 by lesko in Lauderdale Highlights

Zainojet Takes Off!



Zainojet promises to provide you with a breathtaking flight experience on a state-of-the-art watercraft that meets aircraft. You could become your own pilot within minutes. Flyers can launch themselves up to 30ft high; reach speeds of 30mph, hover over the water surface or dive in and out of the water imagining a dolphin wearing a water-propelled “JetLev” jet pack. Safety is a priority and we are committed to training and development on a routine basis. Be one of the first to enjoy this exciting adventure. Happy flying! We also sell gift certificates, so call our office to inquire about them!



ZainoJet has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando.

Safety measures include a certified Instructor, a Safety assistant and a radio helmet that allows the instructor to transmit instructions to the flyers during their flight experience.

Please visit for further information along with videos/testimonials. Click on our Reservations page and book an appointment through our website, or you can call our office at (954) 657-9850 to book.


Flight Locations:
915 Middle River Dr. Suite 101B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

7904 West Drive Harbour Island (North Bay Village), Miami, FL 33141

Walk-up location on State Road 33 in Orlando!